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We help NGOs by bringing transparency to the work they do and raising more money so they can focus on promoting good karma.

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About Us

We want to bring transparency and build trust.

goodkarma247 uses munshiji247.com platform to provide consistency and transparency to NGOs. munshiji247.com is built and maintained by Ritzylab, a technology consulting company. The core feature of this platform is to provide proof of work/service to all our customers. These could be pictures, videos, geolocations, etc. to prove that quality service has been delivered.

People often hesitate to donate to NGOs because they do not know if their money is in good hands. We want to use our technology to bridge this gap between donors and NGOs to bring transparency and build trust.

How We Work

We have everything an NGO needs to launch and grow its project - A GOOD KARMA!!

Define Projects

Define the project and its objective with all the steps that need to be taken in order to reach that goal. Give the estimated amount of money needed in donations to finish the project.

Receive Donations

Donors donate for a project. We collect donations on your behalf and transfer the money to you.

Post Project Updates

Update the progress of the project by giving proof of the work done through pictures, videos, etc.

Track Projects

Donor or any interested person can track the progress of projects of your NGO

NGOs with us

  • Bihar Foundation Of USA

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